Product Information


Release Date
04/24/2014 (Japan only)
Trading Card Game
BANDAI Co., Ltd.
over 6 years old
100 yen per play
Number of Players
Up to 2 players

Do the linear concepts of victory and defeat truly define the world?
Is it in one mere man to transcend the divine forces at play?
Introducing an action-packed digital card game armed with a card-scanning table,
set to rock arcades on 04/24/2014 (Japan only) !
Form an original team from 5 cards!
Compile a deck of up to 5 cards to create a fighting force of your very own.
Move the cards over the cabinet to quell the threat of the Dark Bones once and for all!
Activate elemental lines to summon Majin!
The card-scanning table is divided by 8 elemental lines.
Using 3 cards to activate a line will summon its corresponding Majin!
Lines are the key to victory!
You can activate a maximum of 2 lines using all 5 of your cards.
Which lines you activate will greatly affect the battle's outcome!
Level up your fighter!
Using your "My Fighter" card in tandem with the IC cards, you can create a completely original avatar.
In the game, the avatar equipe themselves with fellow Bone Fighter's Bones!
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